A friend and I had the fishing trip of a lifetime this past Wednesday on the Roanoke River near Jamesville, NC. This trip actually started several months ago when I began an on line search for guides that fished the lower Roanoke. One of the first that I looked at was CWW Inshore Charters and Captain Scooter Lilley.

There was an article on his web site written by one of his previous clients that really got me excited. This client told of his experience on the river catching over a hundred nice Stripers in one day. He also told about Scooter’s experience and knowledge of the river.

After reading the article, I called Scooter to talk with him about his guide service. He told me very honestly that every day is not a “hundred fish” day but that they were not at all uncommon. I asked how he defined a day of fishing. His response was from daylight till dark if the client wanted to stay out that long. He was very honest and informative in answering all my questions and not “pushy” at all to book a trip. After a long conversation with him over the phone, we booked a day on the water for this past Wednesday, February 8th.

We arrived at the boat ramp in Jamesville around 7am and were on the water fishing by 7:30 or so. The boat we fished from was a 20’ center console with a 150 Yamaha engine. The boat was perfect for fishing the river and ideal for two fishermen. The 150 horsepower motor was great because it enabled him to move us quickly from one location to another without losing fishing time. The boat also had a remote control trolling motor with the anchor feature. This proved to be worth its weight in gold for keeping us positioned exactly where we needed to be so we could thoroughly fish a spot before moving to another location. This is crucial on the Roanoke because of the strong current. Scooter provides all the necessary tackle but we chose to use our own bass fishing gear.

His knowledge of the river was amazing. He would pull up to a spot and tell us where the fish should be and most of the time, they were there. It took my friend and I some time to get used to someone netting and unhooking our fish and assisting with all the other fishing chores that we normally did ourselves. It was truly a full service fishing trip. We fished with 3/8 ounce jigs and Z Man or Sassy Shad type swim baits. These pull off of the snags fairly well and the Stripers love them. We could fish them slow in the deeper holes and speed them up in the shallow areas.

It rained on us all morning up until about 11am and the fish hit great during the rain. When we stopped for lunch around 1pm we had boated over 80 fish. We had brought sandwiches for lunch but decided to eat at the Cypress Grill instead. Lunch was great!

The sun came out in the afternoon and the fishing slowed a little bit but we actually caught some of our biggest fish later in the day. We estimated our two biggest fish at 10 – 12 pounds each but we caught numerous fish in the 3 – 7 pound range. At 5 pm Scooter was ready to keep putting us on fish but we decided to call it a day and start the drive back home.

The combination of the beautiful Roanoke River and the adjacent bottom lands, an experienced and highly skilled guide, and lots of Stripers made for one of the best fishing trips I can ever remember!

I would recommend CWW Inshore Charters and Scooter Lilley to anyone. Give him a call and book a trip while the fishing is still good!